26 junio 2009


Jose Otavio, our brazilian big wave charger, was the first bodyboarder in the world recorded throwing a completely 720º Reverse Air. Always trying harder, he has never given up trying and developing radical and insane new manoeuvres, as the INVERT to BACKFLIP. Watch the video and get shocked!

PRONE: INVERT to BACKFLIP itacoatiara 2008 from PR0ne on Vimeo.

24 junio 2009

Session Report: Somewhere Las Landas

By Simon Murphy:
The great thing about living in the Bay of Biscay is the diversity of waves in different conditions within 150 km s. Rivermouths, bombies, slabs, ledges, wedging and peaky beachies are all there for the taking if you are in the know. This day we left our homes in north Spain under dark, cold rain 2-3 ft crossshore slop to cross the border 2 hrs away to find offshore slabbing 4-5ft madness in France! Reminds me a lot of doing the drive from the Gold coast back home in Oz down the NSW north coast…however the change in conditions is not the only eyeopener! A completely different culture, language and geography as the mountains of spain give way to the sand dunes of Las Landes in France. One of the big ups to living in this part of the world! Joined by Rui and myself were some first-time groms (Xabi, Dani, Richi) who were stoked on the power of the sand-bar slabs which magnify all its energy due to an outside deep water trench. After 4 hrs of pits it was back in the car , across the border to the land of tapas and bull-runs. Hasta pronto Simon

07 junio 2009

Ruizinho & Jonan win the Sopelana stage of Circuito Vasco

Last weekend took place @ Sopelana the first stop of the Circuito Vasco (Basque Tour) challenge. With more than a hundred competitors, the event went very sunny both saturday and sunday. Still the lack of waves, both Rui Ferreira & Jon Ander Bengoetxea managed to get #1 place in the Open B and Open A category respectively, showing much respect at their local beach break. Congratulations. In this way, Jonan takes the lead of the circuit with two more stages remaining.

01 junio 2009

Session Report: Summer is here!

By Simon Murphy:
  Well summer is definitely on its way...today was nearly 30 degs, skies were blue and a small swell meant the fun peaky shorebreaks of Sopelana were on the cards. Whilst the banks were abit funky and the swell was only 2ft it was a chance to let loose and enjoy the warmth! Joined by local chargers Javi and Iban a fun session was had by myself and Roo dog. Heres a few pics taken by myself and Roo dog from the session.....hope ya´s like! There´s a comp on this weekend so could be fun for the local Basko team....but for me Im heading south to a Bodega to drink,eat,drink,eat and drink some more....until next time Simmo”