28 junio 2010

2010 range in stores now!

Now you can find the Respect 2010 range at the best European shops.

This year, taking advantage of the CNC machinery, we've crafted a range very close to perfection. The Control Numerical Control technology let us shape the boards with milimetrical precision, and the result is boards with very high quality details and extremely accurate measures.

Amongst our range, you'll find the Brenden Newton signature models, the BN Usual and BN Performance, designed with the crazy loco riders in mind and tested by Brendo on the most extreme conditions. Just take a look to these sessions (1 & 2).

You'll find more info about the 2010 range on our upcoming website.

23 junio 2010

Brendo on the SIC 10

Brendo on the Fluidzone Shark Island Challenge 2010 edition before the competition. Here you can check the Heat Draw

01 junio 2010

Jose Otavio 2010 profile

This 30 yr old Brazilian from in Rio de Janeiro with more than 18 years in the sport was the first bodyboarder in the world who executed #1 720 Air Reverse recorded. Anyone who watched Jose surfing might think he´s loco. "The bigger the better" seems to be his unique thinking. However he´s a very calm and patient person. Having scored very big sessions in Chopo or Itacoatiara, Jose doesnt forget the air-thing. Not happy with dropping insane waves he´s always trying new manoeuvres in these supa-sessions, obiosuly, never forgetting the style. Check out his new video profile at his home local break Itacoatiara, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).