30 noviembre 2011


Xtremespot is Rui Ferreira´s store, located in Urduliz Vizcaya, Spain. Is kind of Respect Bodyboard company headquarters and if you are in the location, it is a must visit place. Over there you can find a lot of stuff, including a skate mini ramp! xtremespotshop@gmail.com http://www.xtremespotshop.com

29 noviembre 2011

Action Pack

Altough the international competition scene is concentrated in the Atlantic Ocean with the events on Azores and now in the Canaries (for the ISA and IBA events), down under they never stop getting busy... Doug Smith is riding like a nut case, flipping like a dolphin in reverse airs and double rollos! YEAH!

28 noviembre 2011

The Sportzone ISA World Bodyboard Games 2011

The Sportzone ISA World Bodyboard Games 2011 is considered the Bodyboard Olympic Games and features the national team of various countries. Like in other major events, Respect is represented by Shane Meehan in the Irish National Team. Hera at Respect we wish him the best of luck!

27 noviembre 2011

The Unknown Rider

In Vert Magazine, the February/March 2010 edition, Jose Otavio is featured as the unknown rider, with a elusive commentary: (translation) «Many didn´t know who he was and had difficulty in recognizing his name, but Jose Otavio is a quiet brazilian that came to give a show in portuguese waters. His performance in Sumol Nazare Special Edition was flawless, flying high in the leap like it was nothing, something that is not often to the portuguese eye. He became the special rider in the contest and confirmed his big wave rider surf. His fellow riders unanimously said that he was the winner.»

25 noviembre 2011

ISA World 2011 Bodyboard Championship

Shane Meehan is going to participate in ISA World 2011 Bodyboard Championship, as part of the Ireland Bodyboard National Team. Shane is used to he Irish slabs, bathed from the cold northern sea. We hope Shane scores good waves like the one in the photo... It´s nothing he´s not used to and we at Respect think that he´s the "Dark Horse" from the competition (note: dark horse is a term used to describe a little-known person or thing that emerges to prominence, especially in a competition)...

24 noviembre 2011

Social Network

Respect Rider Doug Smith is broadcasting his life in the world wide web. Tumblr, twitter, site, facebook. Connect with one of the best australian grooms, sponsored by Respect Boards.

23 noviembre 2011

Just another day at the office

Altough the IBA Azores is underway in high fashion waves, Jose Otavio is perfecting his tube riding in deep barrels in just another day at the office. For some lucky bastards the shade of the barrel is the roof over your head...

22 noviembre 2011


Several contests are taking place in Europe @ special waves, Santa Catarina in Azores, El Fronton in Canaries Islands, Praia do Norte in Portugal... What about Brazil? Brazil has Itacoatiara, a beach with fine golden sands and bright blue (sometimes green) water. The main beach is open to the Atlantic Ocean and is dangerous for the casual swimmer while offering ideal conditions for water sports. The left side of the beach ends with a rock face called Costão, and there's is a wave-sheltered small beach on the right side called Prainha (little beach), which is separated from the main beach by a big rock. At Itacoatiara the Atlantic Ocean produces fast and hollow waves, usually ranging from 3 to 6 feet, but on frequent occasion they might swell up to 4 meters (12 feet). A few times per year a huge southeast swell can produce larger waves of up to 5 meters (15 feet) but a swell this strong rarely offers acceptable surfing conditions. In the photo Respect rider José Otávio in his home break Itacoatiara.

21 noviembre 2011

Le boogie #9

Australian bodyboard magazine Le boogie #9 is out and it features our talented aussie rider; Doug Smith. Phil Gallagher is a perfectionist and if somehow a rider is featured in his magazine, it means something! Some words from Phil about the issue: Making this issue however, hovering over a south coast reef in a helicopter piloted by a cowboy, I couldn't help but think that my curiosity has prevailed again as I look for that edge in my work. The results didn't meet my expectations and the wallet is significantly lighter, but it's a fresh angle and far from boring. I also collaborated with photographer Jem Cresswell to make a board camera mount, convinced that we would change the game. It failed, nearly breaking the rider and the spirit of all involved. Now it lives beneath some cardboard boxes in the corner of our studio until I can forgive it and retry after a major design overhaul.

20 noviembre 2011

"Tha" Wave

This awesome photo has been of Doug´s Smith Facebook for a few days... The moment I saw it, my eyes just "woble"! We have some words from Doug about that day... He told me that he went there with Nick Gornall and good mate, Mitch Payne. They went there in early noon... Quoting: «in the carpark things were looking good we saw it on the first light and it was pumping. We got changed straight away and got out there a few people turned up as we were paddling out there. Jetskis, boats and even Tom Curren turned next second we knew it was a circus but still only a handful of us paddling, but there was about 5 skis... Out the back and boats in the channel very angle of this session was covered but I was still lucky enough to get into some solid ones and so was Nick, he even got a cover out of it!!». Respect Doug!

18 noviembre 2011

Doug´s new weapons

Doug Smith just received two boards... The blue one is the 2011 model available here. The black one is a custom made board justo for Dougie... YEAH!!!!

17 noviembre 2011

Fran Aguilar is back

Fran Aguilar is back! What better moment to a comeback in the big swells of the winter, provided by big storms! That’s right, winter has arrived in Galicia. In this photo Fran Aguilar is riding in his backyard "La Toxica" and after 7 months of absence, due to his accident, he finally is in his environment! This wave is beautiful and dangerous; it can give you a lot of joy, but also can be the worst nightmare of your life! Respect!

16 noviembre 2011


Photo: Hugo Miguel Respect Team Rider Nicholas Chiara will compete in GQS 6* IBA AZORES Event!! Thider is very talented, just check out his photos on facebook

15 noviembre 2011


What is hapiness? Riding the deepest barrel in your life? Happiness is not merely a life lived by accumulating moments of pleasure. On the contrary, happiness is a long lasting enduring enjoyment of life, it is being in love with living. Eric Gamez has hapiness, alongside with Respect!

14 noviembre 2011

Benjamin Nenert in "The Championnat"

Le Team Bretagne au championnat de France from Fisher Prod on Vimeo.

Respect supports many grooms, all over the world! Benjamin Nenert is a young rider from France, who was picked to represent "Le Team Bretagne" in the French Nationals! Rui Ferreira is like a football scout, he knows how and when to pick up the grooms.

12 noviembre 2011

El Fronton

The IBA World Mens Tour is heading to El Fronton and a week sooner, The ISA games will also be held in El Fronton. This means the Canarian wave will be the center of the bodyboard world crowning two world champions! Nonetheless Julian Gonzalez is already riding some pits like a champion, just having fun! Check out the rest of the photo sequence in our facebook page!

11 noviembre 2011

Tricks or Treats

In Britain, people celebrated All Soul's Day for many years. Poor people went begging, and the middle-class wives handed out special treats known as Soul Cakes. When a beggar was given a Soul Cake, he promised to say a prayer for the dead. This practice was known as going "a-souling". Shane Meehan doesn´t wan treats or tricks, he just wants to get barreled!!!!

10 noviembre 2011

Engineered Flex Core

Engineered Flex Core is a breakthrough in Bodyboard core technology. The EFC is the first core material specifically developed and constructed as a core for bodyboards. The result is a durable, lightweight, one-piece core with superior memory, flex, recoil and projection properties.

09 noviembre 2011

Video Channel

Respect Elite Team from Respect Bodyboards™ on Vimeo.

Respect company has a video channel in Vimeo, Here you can watch more than twenty videos. In this rainy days and onshore winds just sit back, enjoy a cup of tea and go crazy on the Respect videos! Life is simple, just respect!

08 noviembre 2011

Respect Denim

Respect Denim, free shipping to Spain and Portugal! Info @ rpaf.net@gmail.com - I guess there´s a lot of people (bloods) wanting a red one...

07 noviembre 2011

Benjamin Nenert

Benjamin Nenert riding @ his home spot, a reef break that he surfs regularly with the photographer Julien Le Prévost and other friends. This day the waves was insane in a perfect big swell for coast. Benjamin is having fun alongside with RESPECT!

06 noviembre 2011

The Windbreaker

Respect presents "The Windbreaker", special garment, 100% water proof! Size ranges between S/M/L/XL! Just €79,99 free shipment to Portugal and Spain!!! For inquiries (payments) or orders send email to rpaf.net@gmail.com NOTE: THE MAN IN THE PHOTO IS NOT INCLUDED! ;)

04 noviembre 2011

Waimea Surfshop

Usually we showcase some stores that sell Respect boards. We already shown shops from Chile, Portugal and Spain. Today we introduce you Waimea Surfshop, near Rui Ferreira home town and founded in 1991. Rui still have many sentimental attachments to this store. If you are near Porto check it out!

03 noviembre 2011

Gopro Simon Murphy

When you think about DK riders you think Dubb, Lackey or maybe Roach if you started on bodyboard ten years ago... Unfortunately some DK free riders are forgotten, very talented guys like Simon Murphy. Even in the Gopro videos we showed you JO footage, even unknown riders like Said in some tropical island... But let´s not forget Simon Murphy´s footage in 2010 or even the 2009...

01 noviembre 2011

Young Gun

Respect Bodyboard Company believes in the youth and supports young riders from Spain, Portugal, Brazil and several other countries. At Respect we observe the evolution of this young riders and help them reach their goals... The results are clear and Oliver Rinder´s pictures speak for itself.