05 diciembre 2009


Enjoy this awesome clip featuring Rui and Jose during the Nazaré Special Edition 09. Insane images and insane editing by Humberto Silva.

P.S: Don't ever forget: RESPECT NAZARÉ!

03 diciembre 2009


When our frenchie guay received his GoPro he suddenly realized of the enormous potential of this lil gadget. So he started to try new angles and get bigger sessions for recording really crazy images, as you´ll see very very soon. The result is insane. Here some framegrabs:

30 noviembre 2009


José Otavio and Rui Ferreira scored the 2nd and 5th place respectively in this last edition of the Nazaré Special Edition


After 14 days of waiting, Praia do Norte didn’t scam the expectations of the more than one thousand people that went to the beach to watch the fourth edition of Sumol Nazaré Special Edition.

Mike Stewart was the big winner of this edition, in a podium where the international presences had eminence. The athlete was very “surprised, and, at the same time, happy for winning this contest in the first time competing”. The Brazilian José Otávio won the second place. “I’m very happy for the second place in a contest with such a high level”, he said. The third place was given to Jaime Jesus, considered the best Portuguese in the contest.

After some qualm of some athletes due to the initial sea prediction, the stormy waves of the day before were replaced by a sunny day that allowed an excellent show of air maneuvers, huge drops and even some impossible tubes.

Luís “Porkito” Pereira surfed an unforgettable wave that was punctuated with ten points. The athletehas done a 360º inside a tube, followed by a huge invert air. Porkito won the last two editions and showed all his courage and determination, although he got the seventh place in the contest.

Although Mike Stewart didn’t have any extraordinary maneuver, the athlete showed big regularity during the entire contest, reason why he took the first place back to Hawaii.

The organization considers that this fourth edition was a big success in what concerns to public affluence, not only local presences at the beach but also through webcasting at the website.

  • 1º Mike Stewart
  • 2º José Otávio
  • 3º Jaime Jesus
  • 4º Pierre Louis Costes
  • 5º Rui Ferreira
  • 6º João Pinheiro
  • 7º Luís Pereira
  • 8º Gastão Entrudo
  • 9º João André Magoito
  • 10º Ivo Mochacho
  • 11º Paulo Costa
  • 12º Hugo Pinheiro
  • 13º Rui Pereira
  • 14º Dino Carmo
  • 15º Luís Coelho
  • 16º António Cardoso
  • 17º Bernardo Alvim
  • 18º Ricardo Faustino
  • 19º Gonçalo Campos
  • 20º Manuel Centeno

21 noviembre 2009

Zé & Ruizinho DAY 1 Nazaré

Our elite team riders José Otavio, from Brazil, and Rui Ferreira have already been training on Nazaré break before the Special Edition. The waiting period for the event started a few days ago, but the conditions are not good enough yet, so we´ll have to sit down and be patient to enjoy the show.

Nuno Cardoso @ Philippines

Respect's free rider Nuno Cardoso went over to the Philippines on one of the best thyphoon seasons of the last decades. His mission was to explore different islands trying to find uncrowded and uncharted waves. Here's just a little and exclusive glimpse of what he found over there and make sure you stay tunned for an upcoming podcast video featuring these frames of footage.

14 noviembre 2009

Jose Otavio // Spring Session

Jose Otavio in his last warm water session before the Nazaré Special Edition

Simmo caption @ MDK

By Simon:
Mundaka´s long hollow barrels are back in action. Here´s a grab of Simon Murph locking into an inside sidewinder on the first swell of the season! The shot was taken by mythical Cali boy ´Lil´ Todd who happened to be in the line up shooting pro stand-ups. Cheers Toddy keep up the good work!

11 noviembre 2009


PUT YOUR NAME HERE contest, by Respect Bodyboards™

Best photo and best video resume will score the featured rider a year's sponsorship on the exclusive RESPECT CREW. More info: http://respectbodyboards.com/putyournamehere

29 octubre 2009

Guli Hernandez tasting Fronton

Now the swells have started to pump on the Canary Island, our young rider Guli Hernandez never miss a good session. Here a few pics of Guli riding hard at the Canarian monster of Fronton.

01 octubre 2009

Follow Fabio Rodrigues on his blog

Fabio Rodrigues a.k.a "Macaco", our Brazilian loco team rider, has already joined the blogosphere. Now, you can follow him on his blog at www.fabiorodriguesbodyboard.com.br

24 septiembre 2009

"I feel like I´m in paradise"

Report by Elite Crew: "Somewhere in Mexico. Roadtripping, exploring uncharted coastline and surfing "new" slabs. Coming soon to all good mags"

Rodrigo Rijo takes 2nd place in Open & 1st place at U-16 in USBA Championship

Rodrigo Rijo, a.k.a. "Rodry", 13 yrs old from Açores (Portugal) and member of the International Respect Crew, takes the 2nd place in the U-16 category of the USBA Championship, a surf & bodyboard contest with many categories and several contestants from other island.
He also won the U-16 category and took the 9th place in the DropKnee. Congratulations, Rodry. Good job!

12 septiembre 2009

Elite Crew @ Mexico

Respect Elite Team is now travelling to the famous West Coast of Mexico, where the water is always warm, the weather always sunny and the Pacific Ocean never disappoints with the waves.

Their mission; test new cores, new materials, new shapes, and other innovation features for new 2010 range, in order to improve your user experience even more when in water.

Full loaded of tons of new material to test, the Crew also takes with them high quality stuff & staff to immortalize the assured good sessions they´ll score, both photo and video, both out and inside of water, so stay tuned because you´ll have news of them very soon.

21 agosto 2009

New riders

Yone Armas & Guli Hernández, from Canary Island, will be riding for Respect this year. Both Yone and Guli belong to the Canary new generation, and they will for sure keep trying harder every day, just as they had done up to date. Don´t miss their resumes. They worth watching.

Ernesto Evana resume

Some footage of Ernesto riding his local waves @ Canary Island. Definitively, he is pure style.

19 agosto 2009

Respect Bodyboards & Park Division Party

Coinciding with the Viana Pro 09 championship, Respect Bodyboards organized a party along with Park Division. During the night, Rui Ferreira shared his experiences with the local bodyboarding followers, and also there was a prize draw for a Retro board, a Dunes wetsuit and Deluxe fins, all courtesy of Respect Bodyboards.

Bodyboarding Day @ Razo, Carballo (Free Lessons)

The Bergantiños Surf Clube in collaboration with Surf&Rock "Escola de Surf e Bodyboard" is giving free bodyboard learning and improvement lessons on Friday 21 at Razo Beach (Carballo) (A Coruña, Spain). The instruction will be condcuted by the professional bodyboard Emiliano Tabaré (#2 at 2002 World ISA Games)

If you´re interested, you have to register at Viajes Navaza (ag Marsans) calling the 981 701211 or sending a mail to surfandrock@gmail.com. Class size is limited

More info


Simon Murphy barreling Seagulls

Simon Murphy really enjoys getting deep and mutant barrels. Here you have a very good example. If you're wondering if did it or not, stop doing it; HE DID IT!

07 agosto 2009

Jose Otavio @ Itacoatiara, Brazil (Winter 2009)

Watch again Jose big charging at the huge, weird, crazy, dangerous and monstrous wave of Itacoatiara. You´ll replay it again and again cause you won´t belive it´s real.

19 julio 2009

Ernesto Evana @ Fronton (Summer Session)

Ernesto is probably one of the most stylish riders of Spain. Here you have a sample: Ernesto surfing a lil Fronton (Canaray Island) this summer. (Pics by Elmo Ramos)