30 diciembre 2011


«Since its conception in 2004, Respect Bodyboards has always focused all its efforts on designing and developing the most perfect boards for the bodyboarding community. Working alongside the most professional riders in the world and using the most advanced materials and the latest technology available has helped us in the fabrication of our range. Respect Bodyboards is always developing the best solutions for each bodyboarder.
From the beginning Respect Bodyboards has supported riders from all the world, from Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Australia, France, etc. Our effort is to find talent and also give a hand.
Rui Ferreira, founder of the company and professional bodyboarder, dreamed of being one of the supporters for a better future in the bodyboarding industry. He’s relentless, always trying to find new ways to improve his products and to promote bodyboard. The year 2011 was very fulfilling and we achieved our goals. We brought to you our view of the world, the life of our riders! In 2012 we will not stop, we will continue to bring to you the best of us, the best of Respect! We wish to our friends, customers and partners a Happy New Year!»

29 diciembre 2011

The Stranger

Eric Gamez is proud to represent Respect Bodyboards and he is in the team since the beginning, a marriege that still lasts for 8 years. Eric was born in Casablanca and spent his childhood in Morocco and learn a lot about humanity, sharing and love... Like many french people raised in french norther african colonies he has a big awarness of the tension between the Arabic and Western cultures and loves philosophy, kind of Albert Camus of bodyboard... Camus was a frenchmen born in Algeria, writer, philosopher (wrote the novel The Stranger) and humanitarian (dedicate his career helping others).

28 diciembre 2011


It´s starting to be a Irish Respect Tradition... Getting ice cold freezing barrels and yummy food from Shane Meehan... Just look at the barrel and the frozen sand, it´s quite a scenario. Then Shane show us the haute cuisine he makes (elaborate preparations and presentations served in small and numerous courses that were produced by large and hierarchical staffs at the grand restaurants and hotels of Europe), not the bigmac you order in some mcdushburger...

27 diciembre 2011

Respect Iberian Tour

BOSSITUP PODCAST EPISODE #2.4 from Boss It Up on Vimeo.

In late 2010 Respect went on the Iberian Tour... Two of the best bodyboarders, Rui Ferreira and Breden Newton surfed waves on Asturias, Galiza and the best spots in Portugal (Peniche, Supertubos, Carcavelos and Costa de Caparica). They experimented new materials,new shapes, making the 2012 Respect Board Collection! Speaking of waves, to Rui, the best session was in Supertubos althoug Brenden missed it because he went to El Fronton on the day before. Nunito from boss it up recorded the sessions and the footage has been kept away... Finally Nunito edited the movie (he´s like a mad scientist, only works when the mood is right or banged the right girl the night before)... And here it is!!! Enjoy!

24 diciembre 2011

Nazare Special Edition 2012

The Nazare Special Edition is Back in 2012!!! It was to be held on November 2011, but due to lack of swell it was postponed. The organization crew decided to delay the event and all is set up! Respect is still a sponsor and Rui Ferreira is on the guest competiion list!

23 diciembre 2011



John Doe

John Doe is an expression used as a name in legal proceedings to designate an unknown or unidentified man or boy. Here in Respect blog we want to show regular unknown riders that use Respect Bodyboards, like Afonso. Afonso is a 40 year old rider from Costa de Caparica, Portugal. He surfs almost every day and he loves his Respect Boards.

22 diciembre 2011


Bodyboarding Sessions Intro from PRONE Mediah on Vimeo.

The combined EFC™ Core with DuPont Surlyn® Slick + Mesh Flex System and 3 Variable Stringer System™ creates a board that allows Jose Otavio surf ITACOATIARA like no other!! Just watch the videoclip, compare what the other dudes do with JO...

21 diciembre 2011


Francisco Aguilar has recovered from his injury and is surfing the winter swell, preparing his next trip do Bali... On his bag he will carry the EFC Core Respect Boards... The EFC Core is famous for it´s versatability, because it can be used in the cold water of Galicia and the warm waters of Bali!

20 diciembre 2011


It has been suggested that enjoyment is a key construct for understanding and explaining the motivation and experiences of sport and exercise participants. One possible way of addressing these limitations is to conceptualize and define enjoyment as flow. To support this enjoyment-equals-flow contention, enjoyment/flow is compared with other related constructs: affect, attitude, pleasure, and intrinsic motivation. Implications of the suggested definition of enjoyment as flow for past and present enjoyment research in sport and exercise psychology are discussed. Renan enjoying life!

19 diciembre 2011

Sunny Weather

It´s freezing cold in Europe (nothern hemisphere)... And the guys in the southern hemisphere are in the summer time! I don´t know were is Eric Gamez but we hope he is somewhere catching waves in warm water...

17 diciembre 2011

The Chef

Respect Rider Shane Meehan is an artist, creating beautiful stripes in the waves and redecorating the sea with his board. In land he continues his creative artistic sense by making delicious food... Man I wonder when me and the rest of the guys are going to be invited to dinner!

15 diciembre 2011

EFC Core

The EFC core, present in Respect Boards, is the first core material specifically developed and constructed as a core for bodyboards. The result is a durable, lightweight, one-piece core with superior memory, flex, recoil and projection properties. It makes the board adjustable to different water temperatures. That´s why Shane Mehoon surfs with the Respect in the cold waters of Ireland. EFC core was specially made for Bodyboard! Check it out!

14 diciembre 2011

Variable Flex Stringer System

Variable Flex Stringer System is consisted by one tubular central stringer and two flat sided stringers. The objective of the central stringer is to maintain the boards rigidity at the same time the side stringers gives the boar the flexibility to fly high... Like Renan´s doing in the photo. Rui Ferreira and his team are always trying to find the best shapes, materials and solutions to create the best boards!

13 diciembre 2011

The Other French Phenom!

PLC just won the IBA World Title (congrats to him), but our frech groom has other plans... Benjamin Nenert staying in the shadow!

12 diciembre 2011

EL Fronton & Julian

IBA El Fronton event is on fire! Altough Ryan Hardy lost his chance to be world champion, the title contention is still on!!! The forecast is predicting a huge swell (10 ft) so the show is on. For your pleasure only we show you some photos of our own Julian Gonzalez riding big waves @ El Fronton! Look at the first wave, it´s huge!

11 diciembre 2011

Renan´s interview in Portuguese Bodyboard Blog

Respect Rider Renan Faccini just send us the news... He made a interview in portuguese bodyboard blog Palavras de Sal! Just check it here. Altough it´s in portuguese just go to a online translator, it´s worth it!!

09 diciembre 2011

Board Features

Some features about the Respect Boards. EFC™: In combination with the 3 Variable Stringer System™, the Engineered Flexible Core™ is the perfect solution for both cold & warm watersm as it´s 1/2 in weight, 20 to 30% stiffer and souble recolil than the most popular “DOW” PE core. WBS™ & PE LASTOMER PADS™Water Barrier Skin™: looks just like the sealder skin, but its cells are closed and 100% waterproof. In addition, with this skin there´s no need of wax, because its rugged surface makes it non slippery. The WBS is also available with the new PE Lastomer Pads™, which offer softer touch and better recoil than original pads

08 diciembre 2011

07 diciembre 2011

El Fronton

Julien and Nicholas are out, the guys fought well and next time they will clinch it! Respect Crew is always training in El Fronton, we show some photos of Brenden and Nicholas riding (photos from Rideit Magazine).

06 diciembre 2011

IBA El Fronton and RESPECT

The final event on the 2011 GSS gets underway tomorrow morning at La Guancha. Competitors are to meet at 7.30am for a 8am start. 8 trialists will move through to the main event and join the worlds best at the IBA 2011 Fronton Pro. Respect Riders are already pumped up!! Julian Gonzalez will be on Round 2 (heat 11) and Nicholas Chiara will ride at round 3 (heat 22). BEST OF LUCK GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05 diciembre 2011


Tomorrow premieres Renan´s Faccini movie Addiction. There´s a curiosity in the air, because Rena´s artist side is very fertile and proeminent... He´s daring has an artist and doesn´t try to please opinions... I think it will be very interesting and I hope he send´s me a copy...

Wences Martinez

Most of the people wish a yellow Ferrari if they win the lottery... Wences Martinez is a young rider from Gijon, Spain, and he rides a yellow Respect... His ride allows him to see the deep hollow barrels... Better than Italian metal...

03 diciembre 2011

Congratulations Oliver Rinder

Congratulations to RESPECT RIDER Oliver Rinder!!! He got the BRONZE MEDAL in the ISA World 2011 Bodyboard (Junior division)!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02 diciembre 2011

Renan´s having fun

Renan Faccini, Respect Rider, brazilian groom, is riding @ his home slab. In Brazil it´s summer and they can surf without a wetsuit, here in Europe it´s getting colder and colder... The guys are surfing with 5/3 wetsuits and hoods...

01 diciembre 2011

Secretpoints Magazine

Secretpoints Magazine is a spanish based publication and focus it´s content about the Canaries Islands (specially El Fronto)... Check it out here! Nice photo.