29 septiembre 2011

A few months ago Rui send me a school backpack... I didn´t pay much attention to the bag, since I always use my car to go to the beach. Then a few days ago I was without a car and asked my friend to give me a ride, but I still had to catch a few public transports. I used the back to pack my wetsuit, a pair of fins and a beach towel... It was perfect! And then when the surf was over I storage the wetsuit in a special bag that contains water! The other stuff was dry! Excellent stuff!

27 septiembre 2011

26 septiembre 2011

This picture is one of Respect main responsabilities and that´s why our catch phrase is Global Evolution, with concerns with the environment. That concern envolves the CNC Precision and in the process of making a Respect Board, avoiding errors and less material usage.

23 septiembre 2011

Respect Bicep Leash

The Respect Bicep Leash is a engineered bicep leashes for bodyboarding. The cuff band is made from Polyurethane which is strong and rigid. The inner cuff has soft rolled edges/piping and neoprene backing for comfort. The strap has strong flexi-webbing to allow for "breathing" while paddling.The coil is a molded Polyurethane which has high tensile tolerance and high memory snapback. It comes with a flat plug to maintain a flat surface on the board. One of the best out there!

Fernando Noronha

Fernando de Noronha Island is very special to Brazilian People and it´s also part of Unesco. It´s a fantastic place and Jose Otavio is very lucky to be able to enjoy good surfing. Another fantastic photo! One of a kind!

21 septiembre 2011

Renan Recap

Renan Faccini´s journey in Euroland has ended... It all began in South America, where he was preparing his assualt on the eurobond money train. Making a flight from Brasil to Spain, the real trip started in the famous Respect Van with the company of Oliver Rinder, Juan Fleitas and the chaperon Rui Ferreira. Rui as the oldest was in charge of getting the young guns out of trouble... They first stayed in Oporto where they were wellcomed by the good folks of te North of Portugal and experienced the francesinhas. After a few days in Sintra they were unlucky with the waves but managed to scrap a few good ones. After cruising in Lisbon they went to Aveiro and meanwhile Rui Ferreira revealed the new Respect Renan Faccini Pro Model! Already back in Spain after the event in Doninos, Renan was target in Vert Magazine with pride and joy! Sucess lies ahead for this young rider! Maybe he will be in Europe again next year!

20 septiembre 2011

Benjamin Nenert finished First in the Brittany Championship Tag Team. At last week Brittany Championship open he won all heats, but in Final round finished 4th. Benjamin still has a lot of years to improve and he we are sure that he will.

19 septiembre 2011

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Eric Gamez
Doug Smith has been busy surfing a lot... Lucky guy because I´ve been busy doing legal stuff... It seems Doug is hitting the competition and here @ Respect we wish him the best of luck! «Im in Melbourne at the moment relaxing after a big day of competition. Today and Yesterday the Victoria Pro was held at Rye Ocean beach. I bombed in the semi-finals and placed 5th overall. Pretty happy with this result as it gave me a good vibe for the Knights beach Pro next weekend. Before I left I was lucky enough to score a session with only Pence and I out. » All photos by Mark Isaac

18 septiembre 2011


Bodyboard photgraphy is like a cooking recepie, you must have all the ingredients... In Jose Otavio´s photo theres the scenary (Noronha Island), the light and the moment... Combined it makes a perfect photo, a memory of an image... Doug´s photo you need a beatiful wave, the correct position of both the rider and the photographer and BANG another beautiful shot!

16 septiembre 2011

Playground Shop

Playground Shop represents and sells respect boards in Leça da Palmeira @ Rua Oliveira Lessa 235, 4450-751 Tel +(351) 220 171 844. They are highly respect and have experienced advisors to choose your best Respect Board. If you´re near by check it out!

15 septiembre 2011

Next Stop for Nicholas Chiara

Nicholas Chiara has one single goal in 2011... To qualify for 2012 IBA Wolrd Men´s Tour and duel with the best in the GSS events! Altough he is from Argentina he has family roots in Spain and has been practicing in the awsome waves of El Fronton. He hopes to be in Isla Reunion to clinch a good result.

14 septiembre 2011

Respect Action

The Respect Team Riders are always busy, surfing has much as they can, like there´s no tomorrow. Guys like Renan, Benjamin, Guilherme and Jose are riding has hell his on their back!!!

13 septiembre 2011

Still Motion

Photography has become a common place in every bodyboarder, because anyone can have a digital camera and start shooting in their local beach... But sometimes the cosmic essences come together and join talent... Rafael Conde Ripoll is the artist painter and Renan (Respect Rider) is the canvas. Together they combine colour, beauty and motion... Priceless!
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12 septiembre 2011

Big Rider

For weeks we´ve been talking about Jose Otavio surfing big waves, but the Respect Team has another big charger Shane Meehan! At day he drops irish bombs, destroying giants, while at night he is a CHEF preparing delicous food... This looks like a Steven Seagal movie... I wonder when he is going to invite me to be his official "taster" for a day...

10 septiembre 2011

Nicholas Chiara 5th in Surfusiom

Nicholas Chiara, Respect Rider conquered the 5th place at the Doninos beach in Ferrol (Spain). Nico was shredding the competition util he faced Alex Uranga and Yeray Martinez in the quarter finals. Uranga was on fire and eventually winning the comp. Nico send many knowned world class riders like brasilian powerhouse Luis Villar or the talented Julien Miremont. Congrats!!!

08 septiembre 2011

What is (sneak peak in to the future)

PARADOX CELL is a beaded cell core structure designed to allow for an even flow of energy created by the reduced density of each cell molecule. The highly advanced technology of the PARADOXCELL structure also provides a greater memory percentage to that of other comparable cores on the market. PARADOXCELL is produced through expanded foam, fused together through a combination of high temperatures and pressure to create the required density during fusion forming to maximise the performance of the foam under immense pressure, while creating the perfect amount of recoil required to retain and control the speed generated by the cores inter-connected cell structure. Step into the future of core component design and experience PARADOXCELL in the 2011 season range.

Doug Smith

Doug Smith for BioEngineered from Mitch Payne on Vimeo.

07 septiembre 2011

Fransico Aguilar

After a terrible summer on the coast of A Coruña, it seems that this winter will be good. They are starting to get the first waves leaving us good waves is what identifies us in Galicia. Check out Fransico Aguilar beautiful waves. In Spain the province of Galicia is understimated because of the Canaries Islands, but don´t be mistaken, Galicia has world class waves! Respect.

06 septiembre 2011

Michael Novy

South Oz with Michael Novy from michael novy on Vimeo.

New Wave

The city of "La Coruna" is known to be home of the Tower of Hercules, the oldest lightpost in Europe. Don´t forget to eat the delicious sea food, they catch it fresh right from the beaches... while sightseeing and in the break of wave searching in the beatiful coast of Galicia you can visit NewWaveStore, a bodyboard shop where you can find Respect boards. CORDELERIA 6 15003 CORUÑA Tlfn. 881 993 817

04 septiembre 2011

It´s never enough

There should be a BIG WAVE BODYBOARD contest, only 3 meter or higher waves were valid. Jose Otavio would be one of the top contenders. After he droped those bombs there´s nothing but Respect...

03 septiembre 2011

Doug Smith

Doug Smith is a young Australian Rider, from the freesurf division. He doesn´t get much attention from the media, but a couple more waves like this in the right angle and soon you´ll see a lot more of doug.