31 octubre 2011

720º Bodyboard Mag

Respect Riders are getting a ton of media atention! After Doug Smith, Jose Otavio is on the cover of 720º Bodyboard Mag, issue n.º 10 (printed Edition)! Renan Faccini is also featured on the online version. Check it out!

30 octubre 2011

Nazare Special Edition Postponed

According to the official statemant of the organization, the IBA sanctioned Special Event was postponed due lack of conditions. The organization is very demanding about the wave conditions, they want it in perfect conditions to allow a good show. The event will be held in January, according to the offical statement, they also expect to maintain the invited athlets and Respect Rider Rui Ferreira. Respect is one of the sponsors of the event!

28 octubre 2011


Versatility in bodyboarding means a rider is good surfing prone a dropknee styles. Like Dave Hubbard and Winny, Shane Meehan also shreds in DK... History of DK is a bit uncertain and unknown, however it has been suggested by various pioneers of the sport that Jack "the Ripper" Lindholm was one of the first to surf Hawaii and implement this stance. Bottom line, it is another form of wave riding on a bodyboard and it consists of putting one's preferred foot at the front of the board while the other knee rests on the tail of the board. Pure STYLE!

27 octubre 2011

The Crow

For some North American Native Tribes the crow is the main divine character. He organises the world, gives civilisation and culture, creates and freeze the sun.

26 octubre 2011

Golden Green Hollow Pot

Shane Meehan lives in bundoran, near some cold green slabs. The weather in Ireland is harsh, heavy rains for 10 hours and blasted with the polar wind, but sometimes the sun shines a bit and in the end of the rainbow you might find the golden green hollow pot... Shane searched and found it and like any freerider he shared it with his friends! More photos here.

25 octubre 2011


Said Langri Indo 2011 from Said Langri on Vimeo.

«My name´s Said and I´m from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). I made this video with the footage of my travel trough Indonesia, trying to show the feelings that a trip like this can make, also the variety of footage that is possible to get with the GoPro.» Said is in our Freespirit mood, traveling the world, spreading joy with a Respect Board under his arm. Featured in Riptide Magazine and portuguese bodyboard blog Palavras de Sal.

24 octubre 2011

Hard Work Pays Off!

«The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work - Oprah Winfrey - Doug Smith´s hard work is paying off... He is in every bodyboard magazine (Riptide and Vert) and placed in the TOP 16 Australian Pro Rankings (11th place)! We at Respect are proud to be side by side with Doug Smith.

23 octubre 2011

Rainy days have arrived in Europe... The autumn summer days were enjoyed with good waves and sunny weather, it was good while it last. Now it´s time to search south coast beaches in Portugal and Spain, because the big swells are coming. Carcavelos, Sesimbra, Zavial, Barbate, Caños de La Meca, etc. Prepare yourself, cover from the rain with hooded sweatshirts from Respect Bodyboard Store.

21 octubre 2011

Respect Travel Bag

With every board purchase we offer one Respect Travel Bag. It features: Up to 3 boards capacity, Padded and reinforced construction, Big compartment for wetsuits, Special design pockets for fins & accesories and Backstraps & carry straps. Made stich strong and buil to last longer! Perfect to carry your board to your local beach or to a surftrip in Bali! Here

17 octubre 2011

Jose "da Vinci" Otavio

Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, writer and inventor. Considered a genius, a man of "unquenchable curiosity" and "feverishly inventive imagination. Man is always creating in a creative process. Inventive thinking frequently involves combining concepts or elements from different realms that would not normally be put together. Sometimes inventors disregard the boundaries between distinctly separate territories or fields. Like da Vinci, Jose Otavio is discovering new ways to water photography, expanding boundaries, going beyond! Trying to reach a new standard. This process is also used to make his signature board, improving to make the best bodyboard to the common rider!

16 octubre 2011

Dougy Smith

World economic crysis is around the corner, but Dougy Smith doesn´t care, he´s rippin the waves and gettin in deep barrels!

Get Ready

Last Nazaré Special Edition Respect had two riders in the battle ground. This year only Rui Ferreira is present, but don´t be mistaken Rui is a big rider, already surfed Pipeline several times, also participated a few times in Arica... Last but not least is often invited to the Special Edition... With this experience he created his signature board... Bellow is the board he uses on a daily basis.

13 octubre 2011

2009 Footage

The waiting period of the contest is on... To pump up the excitement of the contest we show you last year´s footage from the Nazaré Special Edition 2009. Enjoy!

12 octubre 2011

Nazaré Special Edition

Respect is an official sponsor for the IBA Special Event «Nazaré Special Edition». If you´re a bodyboarder and don´t know what the hell we are talking about, you better search the internet fast! Nazaré Special Edition is a big wave contest held in Praia do Norte, Nazare, Portugal. 24 invitations are placed to the best riders in Portugal and the World... One of them is Rui Ferreira, Respect Rider and founder! Best of luck fo Rui!

07 octubre 2011

Early Xmas

New Board and news fins (respect , deluxe fins ) JDQF from juan daniel on Vimeo.

Juan Daniel had Xmas a little bit early...

Old School

@Respect we look in to the future, but also we learn with the past... There´s no doubt we love to keep some tradition and that´s the reason we produce this board. In slang, old school can refer to anything that is from an earlier era. Old school refers to something that is fairly old and not very recent. Depending on the context and intent, the term can imply a high regard and is also applied to things perceived to be of timeless style, wisdom, or quality, or with continued value in the present.

03 octubre 2011

Oktober Fest

Altough we are in October the great sunshine weather is all over Europe! Benjamin Nenert is enjoying one of GOD´s greatest creation: Waves and Sun!