30 abril 2009

Bahia Show!

One of our elite team riders, Rui Ferreira, along with other members of the Respect international CREW: the Spanish Fran Aguilar, the Portuguese Joao Neiva, the Brazilian Fabio Rodrigues and the Argentinian Emiliano Tabaré, are heading to the last IBA WT event held at Brazil, the Bahia Pro. We wish you all good luck in the contest. We will keep you up to date with the latest news of the event.

27 abril 2009

New website, new blog!

We just launched our new website. In this new site you´ll find all kind of info about Respect Company, all the materials and technology featured, our crew, ... and more and more content, such as videos, photos, artwork and other helpful info.

We also release this blog where we´ll keep you up to date of all the stuff that surrounds Respect Bodyboards world. Enjoy it. As Rui, founder of the company, said: "I know we have".