23 febrero 2010

Brenden Newton joins the Respect Crew

Respect welcomes Brendo

Respect Bodyboards is proud to announce his last crew member. None other than the world class bodyboarder Brenden Newton. "I just signed Respect Bodyboards and I´m really excited about that because I really belive in the company, in what they`re doing", declares Brenden.

So Brenden joins the select crew of nutbags from all corners of the planet like the Brazilian underground charger José Otavio; the french all rounder Eric Gamez or the aussie underground global roamer Simon Murphy.

Put Your Name Here: Brenden Newton

Rui Ferreira, rider & team manager, decided it was time to look for some representation at Oz, cradle of the world bodyboarding panorama. So we launched the Put Your Name Here contest in Australia in order to find the most outstanding riders out there.We received a lot of mails with footage, photos and CVs from guys all over Australia, and surprisingly one of them was Brendon's. He was looking for a sponsor, and we were looking for somebody like him (very hard to find). No doubt it was kind a miracle. He was all we were looking for. He's got the talent, the potential, the courage, the style, the charisma, ... everything.

As renowned photographer Trent Mitchell stated in a recen Riptide magazine: "...He wants to push it harder than ever before. This is the future. It's not a forecast; it's the catalyst for Brenden's future and, in turn, the sport's". And at Respect we think that too.

The man

"Brendo", as he is famously known, has been tagged as one of the most crazy loco big-wave riders ever. To the public and in the exclusive group of big-wave chargers he is known as the best, the craziest and importantly the most acomplished


Brendo @ Teahupoo

Undoubtely, Brendo deserves his undisputed title of "the craziest bodyboarder ever", he is a very peaceful and calm person though. Since he burst on the scene in 2003 in the bowels of a massive barrel at Shipsterns, he became obsessed with big waves. Brenden has travelled all around the world in the search of the biggest, most powerful, hollow and dangerous caverns on earth. Australia, Tasmania, Tahiti, Ireland, Canary Island, ... wherever the BIG WAVE is waiting to turn up he is already paddling. He has became in one of the pionners of big wave bodyboarding, even though he keeps blowing everyone's mind in small and mid-wave surfing with his depured style and inimitable flow.

2010. Innovation is here!

We here at Respect have come out with a crew of misfits not too fond on the status quo, a team who sees things differently, some may call them crazy but we call sheer genius!! It´s not about the 9-5 but living to live! We here live for the ocean (wedges, slabs and ledges!) together with the help of the craziest and newest innovations in cores and materials and our diverse crew from all corners of the globe we bring you the best in 2010! Take the path less travelled and ride with us….Team Respect.

So the Respect 2010 range will have amongst all its models 2 signature models of Brendo: the Brenden Newton Usual and the Brenden Newton Performance.

Respect Brenden Newton Performance board

The first one, the Brenden Newton Usual will feature Engineered Flexible Core (EFC™), NXL skin, Surlyn + Mesh and a 3 Variable Stringer System. The second one, the Brenden Newton Performance will feature a PP core, NXL skin + Ergonomic Pads System, Surlyn + Mesh and a TriFlat Type S™ stringer. Two different configurations to answer the needs of the most demanding riders. Available very soon at the best surf shops.

13 febrero 2010

Benjamin Nenert

Benjamin Nenert joins our crew from France. Here a little footage of him showcasing purestyle in Canary Island.

Benjamin Nenert from Benjamin Nenert on Vimeo.

GREAT SESSION @ North Shore Spain

This weekend our riders Rui Ferreira, Simon Murphy and Fran Aguilar scored a very good session somewhere in the spanish north coastline. There was a very big swell and the conditions were too heavy in the spot. Every set, the lips got thicker and ticker and the ramps more vertical. The "in-the-air" take-offs were nearest the only way to go for any wave. Here some pics of the session

06 febrero 2010

Rui scores the RideIt cover

Rui Ferreira, one of our most consistent riders and team manager of the signature crew, has recently scored the cover of the online magazine RideIt. Wearing the popular H1N1 mask, Rui showcases the powerful shorey waves of the Mexico coastline. More photos in the mag.