31 julio 2011

Benjamin Nenert going wild!

Benjamin Nenert just received some material from Respect and was nuts about it! He´s now riding the french waves in a Eric Gamez 41,5 and a No limit 41 We hope to hear great wave riding from this young gun from FRANCE!

28 julio 2011

Respect Tomate

If you are in vacations in Chile (Arica) you cand find Respect Bodyboards in Tomate Surfshop . This shop sponsored the 2011 Arica Challenge and in the video presentation you could see the Respect Boards in the store. Our rider José Otavio entered the competition and did well! The respect boards only costs a few pesos in Chile! Go!

26 julio 2011

JO Cover

JO old cover photo on 720º MAG! Currently on his way to MEXPIPE representing Brasil and RESPECT

25 julio 2011

Respect in the Stores

If you happen to be in vacations, enjoying portuguese food, sun and the beautiful beachs of Costa de Caparica, you can find Respect Bodyboards in Samadi Surf Center! It´s a surfshop but it has a lot of bodyboard stuff, specially Respect boards! The crew in the store are also bodyboarders and they will advise you of the best Respect boards! Here´s the adress: Morada: AV. Gen. Humberto Delgado, 39 -A 2825- Costa de Caparica Telefone: (+351) 212913338 Email: caparica.surfcenter@aura.pt

18 julio 2011

Renan Lifestyle

Here at Respect Blog we´ve posted a bunch of Renan´s photos flying high... Now some in a different perspective...

17 julio 2011

Nunito Cardoso

What can be said of Nunito Cardoso? He is a Respect Team Rider, free spirit, loves to travel, part time DJ, has a music band with Nubai Sound System and is a entrepreneur (created Bossitup and a company that produces camera water housing). Loves Reggae music, has a postive vibration in everything and a big smile. He is many things, but he is truly a Soul Surfer, growing has a Man and forever traveling in our Globe... This is Respect in Global Evolution!

16 julio 2011

Tech Info!

[Eric making use of the Stringers...] Variable Flex Stringer System enables a bodyboard to be calibrated precisely to its flexibility & stiffness characteristic. It consists of two grades each of tabular and tabular stringer configurations; in general, the tabular stringers provide more recoil than stiffness to a bodyboard; tubular stringers is other way around that more toward the stiffness than flexibility of board. With the invention of VFSS, bodyboards could be dialed into almost any property of stiffness & flexibility strategically. This unprecedented benefit is largely enhance the handicap of conventional bodyboards; which the property of core seems to be the only factor that in effect to the performance of a board and this could become vital when climate and water temperature issues are involved

14 julio 2011

Doug Smith

Doug Smith, 21 years of age, winner of the recent Kiama Wedge Comp. Check out his blog @ http://www.sougdmith.com/

13 julio 2011

Nicolás Chiara

Nombres: Nicolás Chiara Fecha de nacimiento: 07-09-1983 Lugar de nacimiento: Necochea Nacionalidad: Argentina Edad: 27 años Ocupación: estudiante y bodyboarder profesional Tiempo surfeando: 14 años Tiempo compitiendo: 10 años Playas favoritas para entrenar: El Frontón , Zicatela y La Escollera. Entrenamiento: Gimnasio y fútbol. Maniobras favoritas: inverts y tubos. Patrocinantes: Respect Bodyboards, Ola Violenta y Municipalidad de Necochea (Argentina). Mejor posición ranking I.B.A.: Top 12 Proyección I.B.A. 2011: “Mi objetivo este año es terminar dentro de los 12 primeros del ranking mundial y así ingresar al ‘súper tour’ “. Últimas Competencias Profesionales: 1er. Lugar Circuito Science 2.009 (Argentina). 9no. Lugar Ferrol I.B.A. Tour 2.010 (España) 9no. Lugar Chilca Pro I.B.A. Tour 2.011 (Peru) Ranking actual : 1ro. Ranking Lationamericano I.B.A. 12 Ranking I.B.A. Tour (Mundial)

12 julio 2011

Did you know?

The technology used to shape Respect Bodyboards (CNC precision) is also used in the aerospacial industry? Yeah, CNC (also known as computational numerical control) is a control system in which numerical values corresponding to desired tool or control positions are generated by a computer. The same precision required to ride in a barrel!

10 julio 2011

Benjamin Quick Words

We had some quick words with French Respect Rider Benjamin Nenert Full name: Benjamin Nenert Age: 18 years old Local spot: Ploemeur Les Kaolins Favorit spot: El Quemao How did you get started? It was five years ago, with a childhood friend. The first wave that I caught was like a revelation for me. What about competitions? I'm a freesurfer by nature. But I try to follow the national tour. The last year I finished first to the morbihan championship, third to the brittany championship, and I was the sixth on the french filing federal. And this year I begin with the morbihan championship title, and I won too the morbihan cup ( the french championship will be in october). Your actual board: Brenden Newton and No Limit 41" What do you think about Respect: It's a brand which never stop to innovate his products. It work hardly and the result is here ! It's really attractive to riding for Respect Bodyboards. I'm proud to represent Respect Bodyboards in France. Favorit manouver: Air forward Type of wave: Reef's waves with some good bodyboard's bowls Favorit food: Turkish food Supporters: Jesus, my family, the bru photographer Julien Le Prévost and Binos Giffard !

09 julio 2011

Rodrigo @ Eurojunior Bodyboard

Rodrigo Rijo @ the european junior bodyboard championship (Figueira da Foz)
It´s also his birthday! Happy Birthday!

08 julio 2011

Spanish Respect TEAM - 2011

Julian gonzalvez (Canary Islands Under 16 Bodyboarding Circuit 2009 winner), Oliver Rinder (16 year old rider from Tenerife - big promisse), Jon Ander bengoetxea (from the Basque Country who doesn´t need apresentation), the "Conquistador" Francisco Aguilar from Galicia, Xabi Muniz (3rd Morocco Eurojunior 2008, 2nd Circuito Nacional Promesas, Quarter Final Circuito Nacional 2009 (Andrín stage), Wences Martins (#1 2008 U-16 Circuito Asturiano, #1 2007 U-16 Circuito Asturiano, Quebrantos stage, #2 2008 U-16 Circuito Asturiano), Juan Dani quintanilla (1st Nalu Surf Festival, #5 Heat Confital World Tour, #3 “Playa del Hombre” U-21 (Circuito nacional)and Gabriel herrero.

07 julio 2011

40 years of Bodyboarding

It´s the 40th birthday of bodyboarding! Most of us weren´t even born when bodyboard was invented... Fortunately our sport is growing strong... It´s a constant evolution! Don´t look in to the past too long, look to the future! Renan is the future! Rui Ferreira created the Respect brand back in 2004 and we hope it will stand for more 35 years!!

06 julio 2011

NXL Deck

NXL Deck is featured in almost every Respect board. Non-cross linked polyethylene (NL) offers superior protection. NXL foam is also manufactured to be CFC free allowing consumers to reduce their carbon footprint as all the material is 100% recyclable, that´s GLOBAL EVOLUTION!

05 julio 2011

Juan Daniel Quintana Fleitas

He´s from the Canary Islands, knicknamed "Pou", 16 years old, surfs at Confital. Always sending amazing photos and rides RESPECT (Rui Ferreira)! Likes to do Backflips and studies hard!

03 julio 2011

Vão chegar

A evolução é um mistério de mudança que ninguem vê. O tempo ri-se da história do ontem, não concordes com o que eu sei, o amanhã é o sítio para se estar... Todos vêmos a linha na areia, é tempo de descobrirmos quem somos e onde queres estar? Segunda feira chega à melhor surf Shop da tua zona a colecao de 2011 da Respect, comprova a nossa evolução! Global Evolution! Novas cores, novos materiais e novos atletas!