31 agosto 2011

A Coruña

Today we waked up had a nice portuguese breackfast and started the journey to the Ferrol Pro, at 4 pm we payed the inscription and then we visited some surf shops in Coruña (Vazva, New Wave and Raz) for the end some nice spanish ham baguette.

New Wave Store a Coruña.

                                                   New Wave Store a Coruña.
Vazva Clients.

                                          Raz surf shop a Coruña.
Vazva Surf Shop a Coruña.

Gabriel Herrero - Lanzarote

Gabriel Herrero 2010 from mario on Vimeo.

Lazorete is an island in the Atlantic, beautiful for it´s volcanic scenario. Lanzarote was José Saramago´s (Portuguese Nobel Prize winner in literature) last home before he passed away. He wrote in "Cadernos de Lazarote" something like "Privatize everything, the sea, the sky, the water, privatize the fuckin cunt´s polithics mothers!" «Privatize-se tudo, privatize-se o mar e o céu, privatize-se a água e o ar, privatize-se a justiça e a lei, (...) e, já agora, privatize-se também a puta que os pariu a todos.» In this video, Gabriel is shouting Respect ME, because I´m FREE!!!

Some pics from Portugal visit

Some pics from Portugal visit.

Tradicional Francesinha

The fans of Renan Faccini

Ovos Moles from Aveiro

Ferrari thrash

Red whine Porto

Death awaits you


Hianthy food

30 agosto 2011

The Irish Rider

Last Photo suzymccanny@mac.com When you think of Ireland usually you remember a leprechaun (a type of fairy in Irish folklore they store away all their coins in a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow) or maybe a Shamrock... Shane Meehan wants to show the world that Ireland isn´t just the Celtic Cross or the U2, Ireland is proud about it´s roots and all it has to offer, like great waves, deep barrels and good feelings... Irish riders earning Respect in a Global Evolution!

Aveiro times.

Aveiro Times, today we live for Spain..., the forecast looking amazing! Stay tuned.

29 agosto 2011

Wrap Up

The Respect crew (Rui Ferreira, Renan Faccini, Juan and Oliver Rinder)went to the Sintra Pro. But first they visit Oporto City and they were delighted by the girls and the food. They tried a typical dish named francesinha (next time they will war Tripas à moda do Porto). After Oporto they toke the road to the Sintra Pro, Juan and Oliver entered the Trials and Juan still managed to advance two rounds. They cruised around Lisboa, surfed some spots, went to Lisbon Surf Capital (famous Costa de Caparica), visit Sain Jorge´s Castle and loved it! In this part of the journey they received a special package, the 2012 Respect Boars with Juan and Renan Pro models! The boards are awesome, they are made with the new PARADOX CELL... And in the video it was showned the special project Deluxe Pro Model... After a surf in Aveiro the Crew is headed to Ferrol... Stay tunned!

Aveiro day

We have left Sintra to test the new boards in secret spots, now the crew is traveling around the North coast of Portugal.
We have found some fun waves today and this images that just shows something good to come with a power clip in the final of the trip.
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27 agosto 2011

Respect still represented in Sintra Pro

Gonçalo "Ratinho" Faria is riding a Respect board, a Rui Ferreira Pro Model, former ISA World Champion, Portuguese National Champion and GOB rider... Back in the days he used to compete against Mike Stewart and Guilherme Tâmega in Pipilene with more tha 3 meter waves.

First inpretion boards 012.mov

The first inpretion of the boards 2012.
texto texto

25 agosto 2011

Day 4

Today we did a Lisbon Trip and visited the old city of Lisbon drinking some beers and making pictures. Keep on tuned...!!!!
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24 agosto 2011

Big Bomb

A Bomba de Otávio no Ressacão from Canal Dêxa Produtora on Vimeo.

While the boys are crusing the Sintra Pro, here´s a video of the only Jose Otavio. I must say to all viewers not to try this at your home break. I you see a tsunami wave like this on your local beach, just run, run Forrest run!!

Day 3

Today in we saw Julians heat but he wasnt lucky and didnt pass it. After that we watch a few more heats and than we went to Ericeira to do tow out but the conditions were not good.


Julian tried hard, unfortunately he lost but stand his ground until the last minute. The Respect Crew is now cruising the beaches of Portugal trying to find waves... Keep in touch.

23 agosto 2011

Our rider Julian Gonzalez is on fire! He´s still going on the main event of the trials! He faced japanese sensation Hayato Enokido and survived... Now he´s up agains very experienced portuguese national champion Hugo Pinheiro and the South African Veteran Adam Morley... And There´s also fellow canarian Kevin Orihuela (euro junior vice champion). It´s not easy for Julian, best of luck!

day 2 at Sintra

Today we started the comp in Sintra and Julian did very well in His heats and unfortunitly Oliver was kicked out by a spanish mate and a portugis local. After the comp we went to look for waves but we dindt had luck so we went to a surf shop and than heat lasangna!! Check us out tomorrow!!!

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22 agosto 2011

Oliver Rinder

Respect rider Oliver Rinder didn´t make it in his heat... He´s out of the trials in the Sintra Pro 2011... Better luck next time... But still having fun in Portugal...

First day at Sintra

So we hit the road again this time to Sintra no waves but looking forward to be finding some good waves soon the city looks fun and full of hot chicks and we have been looking at the forecast and it looks good for tomorrow...

21 agosto 2011

Oporto day

Today was a very funny day, first we visited some surf shops in town and the we went to the beach to meet some old friends of Rui Ferreira and surf the most smallest waves in the world but we had fun doing some ruouts. After that we went home of Ruis family and had very good food called Francesinha that is a very typical food in Oporto. Now some beers and sleep, tomorrow we arrive in Sintraaaa!!

20 agosto 2011

Respect in Europe

Respect team riders are heading to Europe to attend the Sintra Pro in Portugal! Expect lots of news!!

On The road to Portugal

We are allready on the way to Portugal with the new teammember of the trip Julian gonzales. The trip is really long so we had to do some pitstops.

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19 agosto 2011

Grommets euro trip

Today was a very chilli day , long sleeping and than crusing around with some SUP boards in the river and the sea, making a little break on the harbor jumping in to the water doing some backflips and having fun. After that we had a very good tarpsurfing session on the parking. Tomorrow we start the journey to Portugal after picking up Julian Gonzalez in the airport in Santander.

JO´s compilation

You need special skills to do what Jose Otavio does... And a good board will help you on that task...

18 agosto 2011

Grommets Euro Trip

We are starting the euro trip with Renan Faccini, Oliver Rinder and Rui Ferreira, on friday we going to pick up Julian Gonzalez in Santander and start the trip around Portugal and Mainland Spain testing our new 2012 boards that are better then ever. We are going to compite in Sintra and Ferrol but we also try to surf the best spots in this two countrys. Follow us every day on our 2011 Euro Trip.

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16 agosto 2011

14 agosto 2011

13 agosto 2011

Gabriel Herrero

Each city has it own name for underground mass transportation... In London they call it "TUBE", in NY "Subway", in Lisbon and Madrid is "METRO", in Porto "Andante"... Paris is "Métro" in a france accent... Anyway millions use this kind of transportation, cheap, environment friendly. Bodyboarders have another name: TUBE RIDING... Also cheap, also environment friendly, but a lot of fun! Gabriel Herrero has been tube riding, getting some shadow in his latest trip...

09 agosto 2011

The Devil´s Playground

PRONE INVERNO 2011 from PRONE Mediah on Vimeo.

Check out Jose Otavio´s and crew playground... A video from prone mediah about Itacoatiara 2011 winter. Itacoatiara is one of the heaviest spots in Brazil.

07 agosto 2011

Respect rules in Spain

Congrats to Juan Daniel Quintana Fleitas and Julian Gonzalez Perez (fotos), for the final!

More Lifestyle

Unfortunately Renan didn´t go to Mexico, but he´s been busy modeling, surfing, partying, doing good things and deeds...

02 agosto 2011