28 febrero 2011

Deluxe VOL 2.0 coming soon

New shape. New colors. New riders

VOL 2.0 coming soon

Throughout the bodyboard history, there have been many tries in the pursuing of crafting the "perfect" fins. Some were good, some were bad. Anyway, they have always not worked fine. At Deluxe Fins we've put together all the "good ideas", very well accepted by the bodyboard industry up to date, and the result is extraordinary. A high performance fin with a very streamline design and a new unique drainage system that supplies the needs of the most demanding riders, from recreational riders to the elite proffesional bodyboarders.

However, we have not only stopped in the engineering. We've gone further and we have also given a lot of thought in the style. We have developed alongside our renowned riders a series of color combinations in order to not only wear a fin, but to wear it with style.

Deluxe VOL 2.0

The new Deluxe VOL 2.0 features a new reinvented streamline design with a touch of glamour, thanks to their fashioned and timeless colorways. More info coming soon.



Even tough it's summer in Brazil (ooooh how we wish we were there...) José Otávio has been pretty busy in Itacoátiara. I cannot blame him: sick wedges, gorgeous babes, hot wheather, what do you want more out of life?

22 febrero 2011


Prone Mideah just launched the first ever e-book about brazilian bodyboard. Basically this so called book gathers some of the best pictures of modern time brazil bodyboarding, waves and riders. "I had planned to build a new website, I took a gift for lovers of the sport with this e-book in his debut. Starting next month, will be launching the Prone Magazine." - emphasized Iuri C, Chief of Prone Mediah. You can also check out the best videos ever made in Brazil and worldwide, on TV Bodyboarding session.

17 febrero 2011


Renan Facinni is the most extravagant rider of the Respect Team. He lives in São Paulo, Brazil and loves slabs and wedges more than his own tatoos. Renan's been telling us that 2011 has been good to him and he's been getting some shade and air time at his home breaks. He's also the man behind Youth Productions and while finishing the editing of his new movie Addiction, the man took time to share some pictures of his latest trip to the São Paulo's North Shore. While the premiere of Addiction is still on its way, feast your eyes on some mindblowing 1000fps footage!

1000fps from youth tv on Vimeo.

07 febrero 2011

JDQF 2.0

Juan Daniel Quintana Fleitas is 16 year old grom from Gran Canary Island in Spain and has been on the Respect team for one year now. He's house is right next to El Confital and we know very well that's not the only world class wave nearby. Dani has been kepping busy this last winter season scoring some good waves last couple of months. Check the 2.0 version of his homemade profile.