29 diciembre 2010


José Otávio is the most progressive bodyboarder in Brazil. When the waves are pumping he always puts on a show.
Take a quick peak of what Otavio will be riding in 2011 Global Evolution range.

24 diciembre 2010


Young portuguese Respect Rider Rodrigo Rijo finishes the 2010 National Bodyboard Tour in 14th place, on his first year on the tour.
Rodry resides in the island of São Miguel in Açores where the first stop of this year's tour was held and he finished in a spectacular 7th place. For the other two events this young grommet had to fly to Portugal's mainland to compete and freesurf on some of the local spots.
Rodry getting some shade on a sunny but very cold day at Ericeira, Pedra Branca. Framegrab: Nuno Cardoso
Respect's youngest team rider claiming a secret spot barrel near Ericeira. Framegrab: Nuno Cardoso
Rijo means hard in portuguese. Rodrigo going hard on his first ever Reef session at Ericeira. Frambegrab: Nuno Cardoso
"I'm very happy to finish this year in the Top 16 which was my main objective, but most of all i wanted to prepare myself for upcoming competitions, make new friends and surf different waves" - says the 15 year old phenomenon, that claimed the 1st place at this year's Açores Islands Regional Tour. Go Rodry, enjoy the Global Evolution! Check out his blog at: http://rodrigo-rijo.blogspot.com/

30 noviembre 2010


Mitch Payne exceded himself with the help of Respect's Elite Rider Eric Gamez. 'Still working my way through my color tutes so the colors are a bit off still, hopefully Ill have it mastered soon. Twixtor ramped from 50-3 and 2.5. All shot on a Gopro HDhero. Enjoy' - Mitch Payne Eric is currently living in the Cook Islands with his best half and his new borned twins. That's the life, that's Global Evolution!

19 noviembre 2010

Brendo in Europe

Brenden Newton is currently in Europe. He landed at Lisbon Airport in Portugal last week and has been on a non-stop one month Euro Tour.
After landing in portuguese soil he met up with Nuno from Boss It Up crew and drove straight to Austurias area in the North of Spain to meet up with Respect Bodyboards mentor Rui Ferreira to check out some spots and tour the main bodyboard stores in the area for video and signing promos.
Brendo tasting a portuguese apple while on Nuno's van on his 42h long trip
Galicia was the next stop and Brendo stormed some of Coruna's best waves and stores.BN throwing some tail at local Coruna's wedge
Right now he's back to Portugal and already surfed some of the main bodyboard spots like Cova do Vapor, Carcavelos and Nazaré. BN was recently invited to participate in a regional bodyboard championship in Carcavelos that is being held tomorrow and after that of to Costa da Caparica to another store promo. Please check out his travel log at www.bredennewton.com for the latest updates and more pictures. Meanwhile take sneak peak at what's to come in 2011 for signature boards and fins for BN. Watch out for the Global Evolution!
Breden Newton Signature Respect Boards 2011 One of a kind Black and Gold Deluxe Fins V2.0 Brenden Newton model
Thanks to Rafa and his family in Gijon and Fran & Manu at Coruna for the unforgetable hospitality.

11 noviembre 2010

Are you ready for Global Evolution?

The new 2011 Respect range is ready! That's right get ready for the Global Evolution! Respect is making history, overcoming the past but never forgetting it, cause it was responsible for the path that took us to where we are know! The industrial revolution has served it's purpose and led us to future: Global Evolution! Discarding the excess and keeping only what we need, brought us to this point. Once again, taking advantage of the CNC machinery, we've crafted a range very close to perfection. The Control Numerical Control technology let us shape the boards with milimetrical precision, and the result is boards with very high quality details and extremely accurate measures.
The Elite Team is ready too! Are you ready for Global Evolution? More info soon!

06 noviembre 2010

Rui Ferreira Q & A

Currently living in Spain, Rui Ferreira is born and raised in Portugal and visits the country reguraly to surf and visit friends and family. Upon his recent visit to Ericeira the Boss It Up crew took time to ask him some questions about the 2010 collection and his thoughts about the new upcoming 2011 collection.

Besides from being the mentor for Respect Bodyboards and Deluxe Swimfins, Rui represents other well known brands such as Dunes Wetsuits and is a proud owner of a bodyboard shop.

BIU: Rui, talk us trough some of the innovations of the 2010 collection and the new upcoming 2010 collection.

RF: One of the biggest additions of the 2010 collection is the materials and the stringer systems that make the boards more versatile and durable cause it allows the rider to use the boards in different conditions and water temperatures providing maximum performance. Some of the shapes are the same altough some of the elite riders made some small shape changes in their promodels.

Regarding acessories, the new board bags are insane, top of the line materials, perfect for any situation either it’s a big trip or just a simple visit to your local beach. The interior is revested with materials that avoid over heating on the inside and it can take up to 4 boards, with outside pouches for wetsuits, fins, leashs, wax and sunscreen, all the things you need basically. The clothing line is bigger than ever and follows the trend of the bodyboard comunity.

About the 2011 collection, we are already working on it so it can be available as soon as possible to the public, so we can provide the riders acess to all the new tecnology combined with the best materials available in the market, The EFC core combined with the multiple stringers system available by Respect is the big (r)Evolution that is changing the way we ride, regardless the water temperature, making sure your board will respond well to any type of conditions so you can reduce your quiver and have a more durable board and save a lot of money, that’s why the new 2011 range will be called Global Evolution. Soon we will release more info!

Rui drawing some test lines with his 2011 promodel prototype. Photo: Wave Solutions

BIU: What is the Premium Customized Initiative?

RF: With the Premium Customized Initiative, we want to give you the chance to configure your own customized Respect board. You choose the core, you choose the stringer system, you choose the tail, you choose the colours … you choose everything.

You don’t even have to worry about wide point measures, nose, and that all stuff, beacuse we have 6 different team rider templates to choose between, which we call ´teamplates´. Choose your favourite one depending on your preferences and you only have to give us your board size, and that’s it!. The best part is that you get your own customized Respect board handshaped by renowned shaper Jarrod Gibson. More info and orders at: http://respectbodyboards.com/pcinitiative/

BIU: How did you came up with the idea of this new Boss It Up/Respect partnership?

RF: It came up naturally due to the relationship i have with one of your founders (Nunito), that also belongs to the Free Spirit Crew of Respect. Troughout this past 3 years Respect have been supporting Boss It Up productions, where i see one of the best comunication channels for my brands in Portugal. With the 2010 collection available in the BIU online store, Respect has the opportunity to provide a personalized sales service by experienced bodyboarders, that will advice their costumers the right tool depending the riders needs and specs.

BIU: What’s the bonus of buying the boards online at the Boss It Up online store?

RF: The shipping costs are free for any online order and make sure you stay tunned to the BIU website cause we gonna have a lot of promos where we’ll be having giveaway’s and major discounts for the ones that visit the website and order online.

26 agosto 2010

Doug Smith, the man in the hole

Doug Smith, our aussie free spirit man, has launched a personal blog here he'll post photos of his last sessions, podcasts and other stuff, like day reports. He has also received his new boards, and as you can see, doesn't miss any chance to get deep, in the hole.

07 agosto 2010

13 julio 2010


With the Premium Customized Initiative, we want to give you the chance to configure your own customized Respect board. You choose the core, you choose the stringer system, you choose the tail, you choose the colours … you choose everything.

Worried about wide point measures, nose, and that all stuff? No problem. We give you 6 different team rider templates to choose between, we call them ´teamplates´. Choose your favourite one depending on your preferences. You only have to give us your board size, and that’s it!. You get your own customized Respect board handshaped by renowned shaper Jarrod Gibson. Cool, isn’t it?

Make now your order at http://respectbodyboards.com/pcinitiative


28 junio 2010

2010 range in stores now!

Now you can find the Respect 2010 range at the best European shops.

This year, taking advantage of the CNC machinery, we've crafted a range very close to perfection. The Control Numerical Control technology let us shape the boards with milimetrical precision, and the result is boards with very high quality details and extremely accurate measures.

Amongst our range, you'll find the Brenden Newton signature models, the BN Usual and BN Performance, designed with the crazy loco riders in mind and tested by Brendo on the most extreme conditions. Just take a look to these sessions (1 & 2).

You'll find more info about the 2010 range on our upcoming website.

23 junio 2010

Brendo on the SIC 10

Brendo on the Fluidzone Shark Island Challenge 2010 edition before the competition. Here you can check the Heat Draw

01 junio 2010

Jose Otavio 2010 profile

This 30 yr old Brazilian from in Rio de Janeiro with more than 18 years in the sport was the first bodyboarder in the world who executed #1 720 Air Reverse recorded. Anyone who watched Jose surfing might think he´s loco. "The bigger the better" seems to be his unique thinking. However he´s a very calm and patient person. Having scored very big sessions in Chopo or Itacoatiara, Jose doesnt forget the air-thing. Not happy with dropping insane waves he´s always trying new manoeuvres in these supa-sessions, obiosuly, never forgetting the style. Check out his new video profile at his home local break Itacoatiara, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

22 mayo 2010

Renan Faccini

Respect Bodyboards welcomes Renan Faccini, from Brazil, to its international team. Below some pics and a video of this Brazilian outstanding rider.

Riders: Jardel Amorim, Renan Faccini, Alex Araujo, Lucas Klinke.

Jose Otavio & Dudu Pedra @ Itacoatiara

Jose Otavio and Dudu Pedra surfing insane shoreys at their monster local beach break of Itacoatiara.

08 mayo 2010

Altas ondas @ Itacoatiara

Zé Otavio and Dudu Pedra score a big session at the amazing beach break of Itacoatiara. Check the level

10 abril 2010

Rui & his Go Pro

The release of the new Go Pro HD seems to have all riders driven crazy for getting new angles on board. And the power of the sessions is getting stronger everytime too. One of these riders is Rui, who is gathering some footage for an upcoming mini video profile. Here the framegrabs of some footage of recent classic Mundaka.

Eric Gamez

Our non-stop roamer Eric Gamez is getting tons of photos of his worldwide trip. Here´s only an example of these amazing still moments framed. Get stoned too with the videos below of Eric experimenting new angles with his Go Pro. Enjoy them!

17 marzo 2010

Brendo is back!

He needs no Introduction but the man who pushed big wave paddle-in frontiers is back fitter than ever with the backing of Europes finest Bodyboarding outfit….Respect Bodyboards. After some time away from the scene Brendo has returned frothing more than ever to take it to the next level. His faith and commitment to bodyboarding is second to none and with Respect by his side ….. thy work shall be done!! His goals this year include big chopes, Salty dogs and new slabs in Europe. Welcome Brendo and God´s speed kid to bring us the next crazy, loco installment!!!

23 febrero 2010

Brenden Newton joins the Respect Crew

Respect welcomes Brendo

Respect Bodyboards is proud to announce his last crew member. None other than the world class bodyboarder Brenden Newton. "I just signed Respect Bodyboards and I´m really excited about that because I really belive in the company, in what they`re doing", declares Brenden.

So Brenden joins the select crew of nutbags from all corners of the planet like the Brazilian underground charger José Otavio; the french all rounder Eric Gamez or the aussie underground global roamer Simon Murphy.

Put Your Name Here: Brenden Newton

Rui Ferreira, rider & team manager, decided it was time to look for some representation at Oz, cradle of the world bodyboarding panorama. So we launched the Put Your Name Here contest in Australia in order to find the most outstanding riders out there.We received a lot of mails with footage, photos and CVs from guys all over Australia, and surprisingly one of them was Brendon's. He was looking for a sponsor, and we were looking for somebody like him (very hard to find). No doubt it was kind a miracle. He was all we were looking for. He's got the talent, the potential, the courage, the style, the charisma, ... everything.

As renowned photographer Trent Mitchell stated in a recen Riptide magazine: "...He wants to push it harder than ever before. This is the future. It's not a forecast; it's the catalyst for Brenden's future and, in turn, the sport's". And at Respect we think that too.

The man

"Brendo", as he is famously known, has been tagged as one of the most crazy loco big-wave riders ever. To the public and in the exclusive group of big-wave chargers he is known as the best, the craziest and importantly the most acomplished


Brendo @ Teahupoo

Undoubtely, Brendo deserves his undisputed title of "the craziest bodyboarder ever", he is a very peaceful and calm person though. Since he burst on the scene in 2003 in the bowels of a massive barrel at Shipsterns, he became obsessed with big waves. Brenden has travelled all around the world in the search of the biggest, most powerful, hollow and dangerous caverns on earth. Australia, Tasmania, Tahiti, Ireland, Canary Island, ... wherever the BIG WAVE is waiting to turn up he is already paddling. He has became in one of the pionners of big wave bodyboarding, even though he keeps blowing everyone's mind in small and mid-wave surfing with his depured style and inimitable flow.

2010. Innovation is here!

We here at Respect have come out with a crew of misfits not too fond on the status quo, a team who sees things differently, some may call them crazy but we call sheer genius!! It´s not about the 9-5 but living to live! We here live for the ocean (wedges, slabs and ledges!) together with the help of the craziest and newest innovations in cores and materials and our diverse crew from all corners of the globe we bring you the best in 2010! Take the path less travelled and ride with us….Team Respect.

So the Respect 2010 range will have amongst all its models 2 signature models of Brendo: the Brenden Newton Usual and the Brenden Newton Performance.

Respect Brenden Newton Performance board

The first one, the Brenden Newton Usual will feature Engineered Flexible Core (EFC™), NXL skin, Surlyn + Mesh and a 3 Variable Stringer System. The second one, the Brenden Newton Performance will feature a PP core, NXL skin + Ergonomic Pads System, Surlyn + Mesh and a TriFlat Type S™ stringer. Two different configurations to answer the needs of the most demanding riders. Available very soon at the best surf shops.

13 febrero 2010

Benjamin Nenert

Benjamin Nenert joins our crew from France. Here a little footage of him showcasing purestyle in Canary Island.

Benjamin Nenert from Benjamin Nenert on Vimeo.

GREAT SESSION @ North Shore Spain

This weekend our riders Rui Ferreira, Simon Murphy and Fran Aguilar scored a very good session somewhere in the spanish north coastline. There was a very big swell and the conditions were too heavy in the spot. Every set, the lips got thicker and ticker and the ramps more vertical. The "in-the-air" take-offs were nearest the only way to go for any wave. Here some pics of the session

06 febrero 2010

Rui scores the RideIt cover

Rui Ferreira, one of our most consistent riders and team manager of the signature crew, has recently scored the cover of the online magazine RideIt. Wearing the popular H1N1 mask, Rui showcases the powerful shorey waves of the Mexico coastline. More photos in the mag.

26 enero 2010

Jose Otavio & friends

Where: Itacoatira, Brazil When: January swells Who: José Otávio and company (Gustavo Correa, Dudu Pedra, Bruno Santos, ...) Why: Becacause they rip.

Once again, PRONE release their last video featuring the most extreme and crazy locals of the Itacoatiara insane shorey.

07 enero 2010