27 diciembre 2011

Respect Iberian Tour

BOSSITUP PODCAST EPISODE #2.4 from Boss It Up on Vimeo.

In late 2010 Respect went on the Iberian Tour... Two of the best bodyboarders, Rui Ferreira and Breden Newton surfed waves on Asturias, Galiza and the best spots in Portugal (Peniche, Supertubos, Carcavelos and Costa de Caparica). They experimented new materials,new shapes, making the 2012 Respect Board Collection! Speaking of waves, to Rui, the best session was in Supertubos althoug Brenden missed it because he went to El Fronton on the day before. Nunito from boss it up recorded the sessions and the footage has been kept away... Finally Nunito edited the movie (he´s like a mad scientist, only works when the mood is right or banged the right girl the night before)... And here it is!!! Enjoy!

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